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DLH, a provider of innovative healthcare services and solutions to Federal agencies, is seeking experienced healthcare professionals in support of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Health Services Corp (IHSC). DLH is in an active bidding process for this contract; therefore, these position are contingent upon award.

Interested job seekers should express interest via this site using the search function on the "Employment Listings" tab.


IHSC s mission is to provide medical care to maintain the health of individuals in the custody of ICE through an integrated health care delivery system, based on nationally recognized correctional, detention and residential health care standards. The Agency is committed to providing healthcare services to protect the nation’s health, reduce global disease and provide medical support for the law enforcement mission of the safe apprehension, enforcement and removal of detained individuals involved in immigration proceedings. IHSC is committed to ensuring a system of care that is ethical, responsible, and accountable through rigorous surveillance and monitoring activities.